Magnesium Alloy (AZ31B, LZ91 & AM60)

Magnesium Alloy (AZ31B, LZ91 & AM60) Others

AZ31B (Warm Workability)

AZ31B alloy that combines strength, warm workability, and proven track record

AZ31B alloy rolled material is the first alloy type in the world that Nippon Kinzoku succeeded in mass production in 2002 as a material with high strength and excellent warm forming. It is a proven material that has achieved weight reduction and high strength of final products in a wide range of fields.

Apply to :

  • PC exterior
  • Smartphone parts
  • Speaker diaphragm
  • Magnesium battery electrode
  • Nursing care products


  • Lightweight
    It has a specific gravity of 2/3 that of aluminum and is lightweight.

  • Workability
    It is a material with high warm workability whose crystal grain size is controlled by our original rolling technology.

  • High Strength
    By rolling, it has better mechanical properties than die-cast products.

  • Beautiful Appearance
    We provide high-quality surface appearance materials unique to rolling.


AZ31B Mechanical Characteristics

LZ91 (Ultra-lightweight)

Established mass production technology for Mg-Li alloy that is ultra-lightweight and has room temperature workability

LZ91 alloy is the world's lightest practical metal with a specific gravity of 1.5 by adding Li. It also has room temperature workability.

Apply to :

  • PC exterior


  • Lightweight
    LZ91 (specific gravity : 1.5) is even more lightweight than AZ31B (specific gravity : 1.78).

  • Workability
    It has room temperature workability.


[Comparison of weight when the volume is constant]
Size: 300 x 200 mm (t0.4 mm) Volume: 24 cm3

AM60 (High Strength & High Corrosion Resistance)

Established mass production technology for rolled coils using AM60 alloy, which has excellent corrosion resistance and strength.

AM60 (6% Al-0.4% Zn-Mg) has more Al added than AZ31B (3% Al-1% Zn-Mg) to achieve excellent corrosion resistance and strength. In addition, we provide AM60 alloy rolled material with excellent warm workability by our original rolling technology.

Apply to :

  • Smartphone parts


  • Corrosion Resistance
    It has excellent corrosion resistance compared to AZ31B.

  • Yield Strength / Tensile Strength
    It has excellent yield strength and tensile strength compared to AZ31B.


AM60 Mechanical Characteristics

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