Nippon Kinzoku is a stainless steel supplier (coil center) do provide other services such as Slitting, Recoiling and Bypass.
We have 3 state-of-art pull through slitting line machine using shear slitting technology.

Shear slitting technology are know for its accurate slitting widths & close tolerance. Whereby requires extremely high precision setup to achieve the precision result. More than 10years of experience & skills allow us to achieve accurate & precision product & provide our customer satisfaction.

Slitting service material specifications:

Thickness: 0.05mm ~ 1.00mm 
Width: 10mm ~ 350mm 

* less than 10mm & more than 350mm request kindly contact us for confirmation.
* Specification chart is available below for reference.

If you are intrested / requires on any of our services, please feel free to contact us for further information.

Machine Capacity
Only accept material in coil form

vStainless Steel






*All the material surface must be non-oily surface.


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